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Investment Services Tailored to Your Needs

Choose Meixler Investment Management, Ltd. for a wide variety of investment services. We will customize our approach to match your specific requirements.

Client Management

Deep analytical research with a value investment approach allows for a competitive return while also managing risk. Risk-adjusted performance is always our goal. Managing downside risk and volatility often leads to better return in the end.

Investment Management

Our company adheres to a Graham and Buffett approach with a deep value emphasis. This approach serves to discipline our investment process, narrow our investment universe, and ensure client's portfolios are dominated by core holdings and large margins of safety.


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An Austrian Economic background with a macroeconomic overlay governs our research of individual securities, building, and managing the portfolio one position at a time. We use holdings from industries in which we've specialized for decades. It's also important that these companies have:

  • Long Operating Histories
  • Consistently Increasing Dividends
  • Low Debt Ratios and Investment Grade Credit Ratings
  • Strong Balance Sheets
  • Strong Earnings and Cash Flow
  • Competitive Price-to-Earnings Ratios

Portfolio Solutions

We do not use pre-packaged portfolios or expensive outside managers. We maintain complete autonomy and control of our portfolios, giving the client a closer relationship with their money. Our four core strategies are:

  • Income Portfolio
  • Income and Growth
  • Pure Growth
  • Austrian Global Macroeconomic Portfolio

Meixler Investment Management, Ltd. is a registered investment adviser. Advisory services are only offered to clients or prospective clients where Meixler Investment Management, Ltd. and

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Investing involves risk and possible loss of principal capital. No advice may be rendered by Meixler Investment Management, Ltd. unless a client service agreement is in place.